Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Unlikely Style Icon - Wimbledon

I’ve always been a fan of military fashion: studded epaulets, frogging, shiny button fastenings and of course the commanding colour palettes of khaki, navy and red. However the military trend tends to be given the proverbial nudge into the back row during the summer months to make way for the perennial favourites: boho-chic and military’s closest ally, nautical. But it all looks set to change after watching today’s Wimbledon fashion-show where Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer marched onto court in white, heavily tailored, braided jackets replete with button-fastening cuffs. Smart and stylish and with a 21st century spin on the classic whites, military looks set to have a summer reprisal.

Images - Daily Mail


  1. Nice to see Wimbledon has finally moved on from the usual Fred Perry...Although one has to wonder why they're wearing coats in 25*C weather?


  2. I love it! About time Wimbledon whites got a bit directional...