Monday, 22 November 2010


I came across this post on Elle's new fashion assistant, Rebecca Sammon's blog. The pic is of Janice 'world's first supermodel' Dickinson. There's something so fresh about her, like all the models back in the eighties and nineties (and it's not that it was 20/30 years ago).

Look at the models now, although undeniably beautiful, they lack the innocence of models from yesteryear. Remember that shot of Kate Moss?

Would love to see Freja Beha or Anna Selezneva's debut shots...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Spinning Around

So as it turns out, the new job is bloody hard work. Stripped of 1 o'clock online shops (at least it saves New Favourite Thing a few pennies...) and tweets, it's nose to that glorious grindstone. But who am I to complain as I live out the vocational dream?

And so as they say: work hard, play hard. Hear, hear!

Tonight I fled the office and impending deadlines and visited the Tous jewellery launch where a pint-sized Kylie, ambassador for the Spanish accessories label, spun into the Regent Street store as the thinner Gavin and Stacey dude blasted out her soon-to-be chart-topping track on the decks.

Champagne flute in hand, dodging the asparagus spears and feta sticks, I made a beeline for the cubed cabinets to survey what the aussie beauty champions each year. Buried amongst an eclectic mix of gobstopper jewels, magician-inspired trinkets (their current campaign), mini picture frame bracelets and Tous' signature teddy bear-shaped charms, I unearthed this little beauty which is right up my street. Architectural in its sleek, minimalist design and finished in a modern mix of gold and silver, it's the cool girl's cocktail ring.

Just found out they do jewel-encrusted Wellies too.
Summer gig getup? Sorted.

image -

Thursday, 3 June 2010

A New Beginning

First day at new job, wish me luck!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Earlier this afternoon, in the slightly chilled sunshine, I took a stroll down to 17-20 New Bond Street after accepting an invite from the Louis Vuitton press dept to view their newly refurbished 'Maison'.

Oh. My. God. I'm not quite sure the words I now type will quite do any justice to the wonder and splendour that has been bestowed upon me. It's outta this world! Quite literally in fact (more on that below). Spread over three floors (with an additional penthouse for the top spenders, of course), this ultra-luxe, logo-sprayed store is beyond a dream.

Whilst sipping my Perrier (too hungover to accept the champagne, a first-time refusal in my 27 years), I came face to face with the legendary monogrammed trunks, the exotic-skinned totes, candy-coloured hair bobbles, a rotating bag bar (!), an LED staircase (the amount of times I mis-stepped for fear of falling splat on my face...), the Stephen Sprouse graffitied mannequins....there is simply SO much to say that I think from here on in, only my sneaky snaps will do this post any justice. Except it probably won't. But you get the idea until you can visit the stupendous showroom yourself come Monday 28th May.

The keys

Do I look too wooden?

Just one design from the house's extensive collection

An illuminated picture in signature toasted shades

Specially stamped planets with Saturn-like rings and Japanese artist Takashi Murakami's rotating sculpture

My dream dinner service

THE wall of goodness...

A gentleman's piano

Wallpapered lift lobby

Katie Grand-styled Speedy-topped mannequins

An ode to Stephen Sprouse

Can't touch this

Just one of the many showrooms

To clog or not to clog?

A 2010 update on the iconic trunk

Leather-lined chairs to rest your weary feet - or rather your credit card...

Let's get down to business

The latest item to top my Wish List

Literary-lined book shop


Pics taken by me

Thursday, 20 May 2010

She Will Be Mine, Oh Yes, She Will Be Mine

People. I've done it. I've bought THE jacket. The jacket that's been on my radar since the mid September-shown following year S/S collections, the jacket that's just been promoted from Wish List to Shopping Basket.

I present to you, Isabel Marant's 'Peru'. All silver lamé, structured shoulders, quilted loveliness that it is.

Personal style pics to follow* however to tide you over until they're uploaded, you'll have to settle with an 'index' shot instead.

And btw, I LOVE it! To quote my fellow tea-drinking buddy, it's My New Favourite Thing.

* Notwithstanding (I love that word), the many, many, 'discounted purchases' that I'm still yet to post. However I have been told that this is my best purchase yet. I'll let you decide, that way you have to come back for more...

Monday, 17 May 2010

Do not adjust your glasses

I'm playing with the layouts and can't decide which I prefer so bear with me - suggestions welcome!!