Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Spinning Around

So as it turns out, the new job is bloody hard work. Stripped of 1 o'clock online shops (at least it saves New Favourite Thing a few pennies...) and tweets, it's nose to that glorious grindstone. But who am I to complain as I live out the vocational dream?

And so as they say: work hard, play hard. Hear, hear!

Tonight I fled the office and impending deadlines and visited the Tous jewellery launch where a pint-sized Kylie, ambassador for the Spanish accessories label, spun into the Regent Street store as the thinner Gavin and Stacey dude blasted out her soon-to-be chart-topping track on the decks.

Champagne flute in hand, dodging the asparagus spears and feta sticks, I made a beeline for the cubed cabinets to survey what the aussie beauty champions each year. Buried amongst an eclectic mix of gobstopper jewels, magician-inspired trinkets (their current campaign), mini picture frame bracelets and Tous' signature teddy bear-shaped charms, I unearthed this little beauty which is right up my street. Architectural in its sleek, minimalist design and finished in a modern mix of gold and silver, it's the cool girl's cocktail ring.

Just found out they do jewel-encrusted Wellies too.
Summer gig getup? Sorted.

image - tous.com

Thursday, 3 June 2010

A New Beginning

First day at new job, wish me luck!