Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Outta This World

Now, I have to admit, I've been slightly out of touch recently, neglecting my newly-born blog and letting my monthly magazine addiction fall by the wayside. I have a partially good excuse for the latter however as I've just finished reading Shantaram - possible one of the best books EVER written - and as of 9.33 this morning, I now have a lot more reading time on my hands! 

En route home this evening I quickly popped into my local newsie to stock up on my monthly glossies and there out of the corner of my eye, 3rd row up, Uma Thurman's glacier-like eyes peered back at me like some resplendent alien from outer space, albeit from a planet called Harpers Bazaar. 

Has anyone seen the cover and shoot? If not see below. She truly is a phenomenal creature; lithe limbed, slightly skew but perfectly formed eyes, scarily tall and with a first name that demands a 'I'm sorry what did you say your name was' after every introduction. The photo shoot, styled by Vanessa Coyle, sees Uma sprawling out her never-ending legs in second-skin ruffled Givenchy, arm-defending Jacqueline Rabun (who has recently designed my engagement ring, more on that later) and moon-dust encrusted Nina Ricci. She commands the attention of all with her offbeat yet goddess-like beauty and I got thinking about how many other models out there that resemble another life force like Uma does. 

Of course one of the most obvious would be Lily Cole. With a flame-red weave and off-centre almond-shaped eyes, Lily has carved out a successful career playing off her kooky-chic looks. 

And then there's my personal favourite, Sasha Pivovarova. With her chiseled cheekbones and perfectly pointed jaw, she truly is a style chameleon, flexing her pout here and offering a space-like snarl there. 

Next up is Gemma Ward who bears a striking resemblance to Sasha and one would be forgiven for mistaking one for the other, were it not for Gemma's childlike innocence. She too has the wide-set eyes which all give them that alien-inspired look.

Someone who I don't see too much of in editorial is Masha Tyelna who most of you will recognise for her doll-like make-up for Dior's F/W '08 collections. With double-take saucer-shaped eyes and a natural beauty, she really does look out of this world. 

My mum always used to call models 'creatures' because they are really; beautiful, walking creatures with slightly skew features that make them jaw-droppingly, rubber-necking gorgeous. Truly out of this world. 

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