Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Style Spot - Ashley Olsen

Growing up, I had a pretty eclectic dress sense. There were the chavy, Reebok trainer years, the hippy flared years (my friends called them my 'fag-end trousers' for their resemblance to the end of a Benson & Hedges cigarette butt), the gothic Morticia years, the club-hopping, Ibiza-loving, limited clothes-wearing years and most recently, a term I'd like to coin as my own, my polished grunge years (I love The Doors and any rock music but still like to wash my hair). As such, I've never had one sole style icon. I've certainly appreciated the style of many a celebrity/model/mother (the latter of which I look to as constant inspiration), over the years but I've found that as I get older and more 'worldly', inevitably life influences the way I dress. 

So to break down my newly termed style, my current crush and whose style I equally admire is Ashley Olsen, aka one half of the Olsen Twins. 

I find it slightly strange to admire someone who's younger than me, however the way she wears Jil Sander tailoring, sumptuous Rick Owens knits, a crocodile Fendi tote slung so insouciantly off the arm and who can forget the Prada black satin turban circa 2007? She just gets it right, every time. 

From the draped, goddess-like white backless gown she wore to the Costume Institute Gala, to her homage to YSL in a black cropped tux; even her recent outing wearing a minimalist black string dress gave me a hit of '90s nostalgia. 

So here's to AO. Until the next style milestone. 

Images courtesy of olsensanonymous.blogspot.com 

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Having just touched down from a mini-break to sunny Spain, my post-holiday blues were reignited by In Style's dedicated bikini mini-feature in their August issue. Missoni's chevron-striped string triangle two-piece is the salt to my sartorial wounds, while the signature monochrome string-piece from Chanel, as modelled by Stella Tennant circa 1996, just fills me with swimwear envy!

Roll on November's honeymoon, more on that later...

Monday, 13 July 2009


Recently I've developed a bit of a craving for red velvet cupcakes from Bea's of Bloomsbury. Decorated with cream cheese icing, they're not as sickly as some of the other confectionary boutiques and they're a Louboutin's throw from where I live! Anyway, while I adjust my Bottega buckle one more notch, one piece of fashion that won't be affected by size and one which is rather apt is Judith Leiber's crystal-embellished cupcake chain bag from Net-a-Porter. How fabulous? Beautiful, elegant and not a calorie in sight, mmmm.

Image courtesy of Net-a-Porter

Jungle Gym

Last week I popped into my local gym in a last-ditched effort to get myself in shape before heading off to sunny Spain. I'm not normally one to study fixtures and fittings in the home, let alone the gym, however I was caught off guard by the fluorescent orange and yellow leopard-print worktop veneer which looked remarkably similar to Christopher Kane's recent cashmere sweaters.  The resemblance is uncanny! Who'd have thought a central London gym could inspire such memorable wardrobe separates.