Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Unlikely Style Icon - Wimbledon

I’ve always been a fan of military fashion: studded epaulets, frogging, shiny button fastenings and of course the commanding colour palettes of khaki, navy and red. However the military trend tends to be given the proverbial nudge into the back row during the summer months to make way for the perennial favourites: boho-chic and military’s closest ally, nautical. But it all looks set to change after watching today’s Wimbledon fashion-show where Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer marched onto court in white, heavily tailored, braided jackets replete with button-fastening cuffs. Smart and stylish and with a 21st century spin on the classic whites, military looks set to have a summer reprisal.

Images - Daily Mail

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Maxed Out

After seeing recent shots of Ashley Olsen at The Hangover premier in a minimalist Calvin Klein-inspired black maxi dress, the hunt for my LBD (Long Black Dress) has further intensified. I have a 5-year old calf-length D&G dress from a Covent Garden charity shop but it's not quite the same. Whether it's worn to an A-list bash a la Ms. Olsen or barefooted on the beach back in Morgs' hometown of Perth, it's the easiest way to stay cool for summer and I can't believe my wardrobe has survived thus far without one!

Let me know if you see any out there x

Image - Olsens Anonymous

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Jimmy Choo vs H&M

I missed out on Stella, I wasn't interested in Madonna, Matthew I loved but as dear old Sinead once sang, nothing compares to, well this. Jimmy Choo has just announced their collaboration with H&M. To quote Posh, this is major! Think sexy, spindly, strappy heels, bags and an extra-special clothing line at a fraction of the price of its Bond Street store. Tamara Mellon, president of Jimmy Choo today said she was honoured to be among the fashion greats to have collaborated with H&M.

"It's such a privilege to design a collection to appeal to fashion savvy, street smart women. Jimmy Choo will bring to H&M a sophisticated, fashion forward, accessible and glamorous collection - the perfect party pieces to wear out at night," she added.

Watch this space ladies, the new collection is set to drop on November 14th across the world.

Pictures courtesy of the Daily Mail.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Style Spot - CFDA

Earlier on at work today, the girls and I were debating over the fashions of last night's CFDA awards. Being a HUGE Blake Lively fan (well, her GG Serena character anyway), I was surprised to find that E was unhappy about Blake's choice of style for the event. "She needed something extra, a necklace or a belt perhaps. I wouldn't have worn it to the CFDA" she cried. Not wanting to retire like the proverbial wall flower, I strongly disagreed. With her Jennifer Anniston tan, beach-curled hair and softly, soft nude patent (Louboutin if I'm not mistaken) heels, I thought with the electrifying hot neon tone of her Michael Kors' dress, she got it spot on. After all, name me one other A-lister who could have pulled it off? 

What's your verdict? 

Outta This World

Now, I have to admit, I've been slightly out of touch recently, neglecting my newly-born blog and letting my monthly magazine addiction fall by the wayside. I have a partially good excuse for the latter however as I've just finished reading Shantaram - possible one of the best books EVER written - and as of 9.33 this morning, I now have a lot more reading time on my hands! 

En route home this evening I quickly popped into my local newsie to stock up on my monthly glossies and there out of the corner of my eye, 3rd row up, Uma Thurman's glacier-like eyes peered back at me like some resplendent alien from outer space, albeit from a planet called Harpers Bazaar. 

Has anyone seen the cover and shoot? If not see below. She truly is a phenomenal creature; lithe limbed, slightly skew but perfectly formed eyes, scarily tall and with a first name that demands a 'I'm sorry what did you say your name was' after every introduction. The photo shoot, styled by Vanessa Coyle, sees Uma sprawling out her never-ending legs in second-skin ruffled Givenchy, arm-defending Jacqueline Rabun (who has recently designed my engagement ring, more on that later) and moon-dust encrusted Nina Ricci. She commands the attention of all with her offbeat yet goddess-like beauty and I got thinking about how many other models out there that resemble another life force like Uma does. 

Of course one of the most obvious would be Lily Cole. With a flame-red weave and off-centre almond-shaped eyes, Lily has carved out a successful career playing off her kooky-chic looks. 

And then there's my personal favourite, Sasha Pivovarova. With her chiseled cheekbones and perfectly pointed jaw, she truly is a style chameleon, flexing her pout here and offering a space-like snarl there. 

Next up is Gemma Ward who bears a striking resemblance to Sasha and one would be forgiven for mistaking one for the other, were it not for Gemma's childlike innocence. She too has the wide-set eyes which all give them that alien-inspired look.

Someone who I don't see too much of in editorial is Masha Tyelna who most of you will recognise for her doll-like make-up for Dior's F/W '08 collections. With double-take saucer-shaped eyes and a natural beauty, she really does look out of this world. 

My mum always used to call models 'creatures' because they are really; beautiful, walking creatures with slightly skew features that make them jaw-droppingly, rubber-necking gorgeous. Truly out of this world.