Sunday, 30 August 2009


To me, Lady Gaga is an enigma. The voice doesn't match the flamboyant, and at times, overbearing persona. However I can't knock these latest pictures from V magazine, shot by Mario Testino. With just pink candy floss to cover her modesty, Lady G is an over-the-top, part Playboy bunny, part smouldering '70s pin-up with a dash of Studio 54 glamour. Playing to her glamourous guise, her popularity both in the charts and the fashion media sees no sign of waning. 

We all know her costumes are part of who she is and the circus that surrounds her, however I'd love her to be styled as a regular, just to see how well she'd come off on film and if she'd still hold the same presence. What do you think?

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  1. SO awesome...thanks for posting! her life must be like one big David LaChapelle shot. Jealous.

  2. She's got such a hot figure, it's a shame about the face and annoying try-hard personality. I agree, it would be interesting and brave to shoot her stripped of the things she claims define her - no PVC, no bondagewear, no bizarre props, nothing screaming "LOOK AT ME! LOVE ME!" in every shot, just understated and real. Won't happen though, she's carved herself into a concept.