Thursday, 20 May 2010

She Will Be Mine, Oh Yes, She Will Be Mine

People. I've done it. I've bought THE jacket. The jacket that's been on my radar since the mid September-shown following year S/S collections, the jacket that's just been promoted from Wish List to Shopping Basket.

I present to you, Isabel Marant's 'Peru'. All silver lamé, structured shoulders, quilted loveliness that it is.

Personal style pics to follow* however to tide you over until they're uploaded, you'll have to settle with an 'index' shot instead.

And btw, I LOVE it! To quote my fellow tea-drinking buddy, it's My New Favourite Thing.

* Notwithstanding (I love that word), the many, many, 'discounted purchases' that I'm still yet to post. However I have been told that this is my best purchase yet. I'll let you decide, that way you have to come back for more...

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