Tuesday, 6 April 2010

"I'd like to thank my friends, my family..."

Better late than never, eh?

The delectable New Favourite Thing kindly tagged me after receiving the Happy 101 award where she listed 'dancing like a loon' and 'silliness' as just two of her top 10 favourite things. And so in return, I duly list my top 10 favourite things.

1. Late night cocktails at the George V, Paris

2. Salted popcorn

3. Camden Passage, particularly Annie’s Vintage

4. Drunken boardgames with my nearest and dearest (you know who you are)

5. My girls

6. En famille

7. Isabel Marant’s s/s 2010 collection

8. My wedding rings

9. Cheese

10. Morgan

To pass the torch, so to speak, I tag the following to share in the love:

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  2. Lovely! Brought a little tear to my eye. Especially the cheese bit. xx

  3. Ooh, I've only just seen this. Is it too late..? x