Friday, 13 November 2009

S/S 10 - Fashion or art?

I've been so pre-occupied with planning my impending wedding (T minus 15 days) and working stupidly long hours that I've totally neglected my beloved blog. And so with my impending Paris-bound hen do kicking off in a little over 14 hours, i felt the need to post the following to tie me over until Monday where i will officially take control of my life can try anyway.

From runway to red carpet, clearly the only woman brave enough to take Alexander McQueen's 'Armadillo' heels by the sartorial horns would be Daphne Guinness. Presenting at last night's NARS event, Guinness paired the perilously high heels with a runway computerised dress and finished with her trademark theatrical kohl-smudged make up.

I'm not sure how i feel about the end result, or indeed the heels themselves. The shoes are a work of art but who's to say art has to be tasteful or even something that everyone approves of? The colour is a little too similar to her ghost-like legs but perhaps Guinness had McQueen's creature creations in mind and chose to execute her look to the exacting standards of his recent S/S 10 collection.

So while i sit on the fence and mull over whether this art form should have stayed as that, i wonder what your thoughts are?

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  1. They're the worst shoes McQueen's ever done. Great for column inches though. I think they look hideous but snaps to her for trying!

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  3. I think those shoes are one of the instances where runway doesn't translate to real life. Amazing on the catwalk, great concept but, as Daphne has wonderfully illustrated, you look like you've got elephantiasis.