Wednesday, 2 September 2009

It's back!

When SATC the movie came out, me and the girls did the deed and watched with baited breath as Fergie belted out the opening lyrics and we were lost in girlie heaven for the next 2 hours. To be honest, it didn't live up to the hype. I wasn't mad on the plot but I was mad on the clothes and every time I watch it again, I look at a different angle, whether it be who's in the background or the accessories Carrie wears instead of the shoes I watched previously or her hairstyle prior to that (I know, I have a problem). 

So now they've started filming SATC 2. I'm not doing spoilers or even looking out for pictures as the entire plot was given away (and ruined) last time just through looking at candid snaps or reading the latest update in Grazia. Who knows whether it's going to trump its predecessor or if it's going to flop. One thing we do know however, is there's going to be fabulous fashion! 

Here's just two snaps I caught last night, I love Carrie's hair this color and the white empire dress with the ghetto-glamour shades are so amazing! Can't bloody wait.

Images courtesy of Daily Mail

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  1. So you did! Love the ghetto fabulous shades. I agree about trying to ignore the leaked snippets of plot stories and photos whilst it's being filmed - I'd like to too, but you know once again it's gonna be all over every magazine/ paper/ gossip website/ newsletter etc...